A constantly dangling camera on a shoulder, aware, always ready, unobtrusively awake. Life lives its moments in the details and can be taken to an art form to bump into them.
The Hague photographer Gordon Meuleman catched our eye while this talented guy sets his path in silence and seems to be one of many of us who sort of know how to handle a camera… but if you take a closer look you will see this man gets selected for prestigious photography festivals all over Europe.

So who is this Mr. Meuleman?

Photography to me, was never a conscience choice but rather a path that felt right. From an early age i’ve always been fascinated by the visual, satisfying that need with anything i could find. Comics, movies, paintings, fashion and anything else that has to do with pictures.

His own free work is usually found on the streets, around the corner or around the globe. Finding previously undiscovered perspectives, documenting todays emotions and sharing the world with the world in a refreshingly ”real” way.

Gordon got selected as one of 5 Dutch photographers at Horizonte Festival – Zingst, Germany
Recording the organization, their portrait, landscape and reportage photography simultaneously give a representative insight into the photographic work of their western neighbor. This photo exhibition and the Young Professionals project was organized under the direction of Dr. Peter – gallery owner and curator – and Ramona Konschake Czygan, a well established photographer of the STP Galerie Greifswald.

Yesterday was the last day of Oberstdorf Fotogipfel where several pictures of Meuleman have made it through the Olympus Ambassador Competition and made it to the fourth place. A remarkable accomplishment, since his competitors in this competition were all the Olympus Ambassadors from around Europe. The Olympus Ambassador only uses Olympus and Zuiko Camera’s and lenses to make pictures of the highest quality an has earned the title of Ambassador by Olympus. Two of Meulemans pictures were exhibited at the Oberstdorfer Fotogipfel (Oberstdorf Photo Summit).

Getting interested yet? While typing this article, Gordon received a very interesting phone call for a new exciting project coming up. We can’t say anything yet, but it’s big!
Please feel free to take a look on Gordon’s website www.gordonmeuleman.nl for more inspiring pictures and contact details.

For the big news, don’t let him get out of your sight and stay tuned via Studio 15|05 or follow this young man via Gordon Meuleman Photography.


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