Since 1971, Hart Beach is a household name in Scheveningen for your watersports equipment. Hart Beach has the largest collection of surfboards, wetsuits and accessories in the Netherlands. Besides hardware they also sell a wide range of surf brand clothing as Roxy, Quiksilver, O’Neill, Volcom, Element, Rhythm and new brands like Vissla and Amuse. Off course you can find your favorite flip-flops, bikinis and board shorts at Hart Beach Surfshop 365 days a year!

Since 1984 you can find the cozy recognizable baby blue houses on the northern beach of Scheveningen. Every summer season they build up the surf school to create a hang out on the beach for al surfers and supporters. After years of hard work they are now also able to welcome everyone on the beach for 365 days a year. They have exchanged the baby blue houses for a real time pavilion with a big terrace, a fireplace and complete new Quiksilver/ Roxy surfshop. If you step into the shop, it feels like you step into a shop how we know it in France. All fine details make this shop exclusive, as we never have seen before in the Netherlands. Inside the pavilion you can enjoy delicious fruitshakes, beach burgers and a perfect cappuccino together with a piece of cake of our famous Meneer Chocola. Sitting around the fireplace feels like it’s summer already. And the most exciting thing for the diehard surfers, you can now take a warm shower, after your cold surf session in the middle of the winter. And for the kooks, you are also able to sign in for surf lessons all year long!

On Saturday 28 March 2015 Hart Beach officially opened the endless summer season with their new pavilion with a smashing party. Together with Boudewijn Revis of the VVD, who is a big supporter of the surf city Scheveningen, they cut trough a surf leash instead of a ribbon. This symbolized catching this big wave for an endless adventure.

Studio 15|05 congratulates Paul and Romke Schuitema and the crew of Hart Beach with their new century in surf society. We wish them all the best! See you at the beach!

Pictures made by Chester Bouwman.

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