State of Mic is a creative media studio in the Gambia / West – Africa.
They support positivity and represent the self-development of creative individuals.

In 2015 they wanted to take it to the next level by setting up a new multi media facility centre which will provide audiovisual education & media training and stimulate the talent development of young people in Gambia.
By improving knowledge, skills and awareness, the students become self-supporting (multi)media professionals with a real future perspective.

To make this happen State of Mic needed a kickstarter of €5000,-.
And that’s where Studio 15|05 stepped into the project. We helped State of Mic to accomplish their target and this very pleasant cooperation resulted in victory! The set goal of  €5000,- was a fact and so will be the next one!

With your donation and interest State of Mic can continue to train talented individuals and produce new media. Please take a look at their website

stateofmic stateofmic2 

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