Do you like to live your life comfortably, uncompromising, with a lot of fun and always on the move? Then you need to step into a pair of SoftScience shoes to walk around in a comfortable and healthy way to maximize the fun.

Now that’s exactly what we had in mind while planning the first European photo shoot for SoftScience Europe. With a clear brand vision, SoftScience made it easy for us to follow the guidelines. Concept, styling and location were set in a couple of hours. This time we had a different kind of challenge.. With a small budget we were asked to give the images a real summer vibe – end of September! When you are familiar with the Dutch seasons you know what we are talking about.

But as said, Studio 15|05 makes what seems to be impossible | possible. Here a sneak preview of this great day, for all images and the SoftScience Europe collection go to and step into the comfort zone!

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