Organizing a photo shoot will take planning, time, and preparation, but it can be incredibly creatively satisfying and it can also be one of the most important steps to take your business to the next level. Studio 1505 was able to organize the latest lifestyle jewelry shoot for Zilver & Zoet at one of the most creative and inspiring places in Scheveningen, Hart Beach Surfshop. With its bright colors and wooden furniture this is the perfect place on the beach to have a photo shoot. Unfortunately the sun was not around to keep us shining, but luckily the beautiful jewelry of Zilver & Zoet did! With only four different styling sets, we were able to deliver more than 15 images. Photographer Melissa Hensbroek will edit our selection soon. So the final results of this successful day will be online in a few weeks! Find a sneak preview below! Have a nice weekend!

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